4 How to choose a good flour for making CAKE

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  • Feb 20, 2020
Racikanbumbu.Com – To be able to get the perfect cake mixture certainly requires skilled skills. Without the skills to make cakes, the dough that is produced will seem less appropriate and not in accordance with the original desire. In addition, the ingredients are also a very important basis in making a delicious food, for example without the presence of quality food ingredients, the cake mixture will not be able to expand properly right? The main ingredient in the process of making cakes is Wheat Flour.

Some people assume that all flour has the same quality. However, this assumption is not true. Especially flour, each brand must have its own quality. The result is different in terms of taste, crispness, texture and so on. High-quality flour will certainly produce quality food too. Well, the question is how to get the best quality flour?

You need to be selective in buying flour in the market or in the shop by taking into account the characteristics of high-quality flour that can make your cake more delicious. In the description below will be explained briefly Tips for choosing flour so as not to be fooled by the type of abal abal flour that is widely sold in the market by rogue traders who want to get a profit. Immediately, you can see the explanation below.

How to Choose Flour is good for making cakes

1. Recognize Three types of Flour

The type of cake you want to make sure to determine the type of flour you will use as well. Before buying you should know about the 3 types of flour. First there is low protein flour, medium protein flour and there is high protein flour. Adjust to the needs of your cake, Generally on the packaging of flour will be listed the type of flour to facilitate you.

2. Distinguish Flour for Pastries and Wet Cakes

Wet cakes and pastries have different components even though they use the same type of flour. To make cookies you need low-protein flour. Why? Because of its low Gluten content, it makes the cake more crispy and the water absorbency in the dough is low. Meanwhile, when making wet cakes such as waffles or pancakes, the type of flour that is suitable is flour with medium protein. While the type of high protein flour can be used for types of food such as noodles and bread which need a fermentation process so it does not go flat.

3. Choosing flour that is not lumpy and not musty

Furthermore, when going to buy a flour product, it is better to check in more detail. Some characteristics of quality wheat flour are not dry when held and also do not clot. In addition, the flour will not smell musty, not lice and has a white color on its part. Generally, flour that already has a musty smell is usually caused by mold growing on the flour. This is what makes the quality less good.

4. Do not use flour that has nails

If there are lice in the flour you buy you should undo your intention. Because these ticks indicate that the flour is not suitable for your food. In addition, avoid also choosing flour that contains types of impurities such as stones, gravel, coarse-textured and so on, if so it means the flour is an old product that is not suitable for consumption.

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Those are some things that need to be considered as tips on how to choose flour that is suitable for making cakes. Make sure you check every food you buy at the market or in the store, including choosing flour. With quality flour you can make your cake a delicious and healthy food. Hopefully this information shared can be useful and thank you