5 Benefits of Red and Green Apples for the Sick

  • 3 min read
  • Mar 16, 2020
Everyone knows that there are many benefits that we can get by eating a variety of healthy fruit foods from nature. One of them is an apple. Do you like this one? It’s right to choose it as a favorite fruit choice. Why? The efficacy in it is not inferior to the parallel fruit, namely Mango, durian, orange, papaya, rambutan and so forth. Apple itself is a very common fruit and is found in almost all corners of the world.Do you know? In all corners of the world there are approximately 7,500 types of apples. If you walk or shop at supermarkets, markets and supermarkets, you can see various kinds of apples for you to buy. Some have green, others have red. Aside from the different physical shapes and colors, the taste is also varied. Apples that have a sweeter impression are red apples while the combination of sweet and sour tastes is green apples.

Not only does it have a variety of unique types of colors and flavors, this international fruit has good properties for people who are sick. Both red and green apples, they have an active role in the healing process. Why is that? Because when viewed from the womb is more suitable for consumption compared to medicine.

Of course the benefits you can feel if you eat the right portions and according to your needs. Are you sick? Or is there a relative, your family, your lover who is sick? Do not worry, give these fresh apples to them, undoubtedly can help in the recovery process. If you want more information, just go ahead and see the description below.

Benefits of Red and Green Apples for the sick

1. Improve body health, especially the lungs

Many studies for apples state that eating apples regularly can reduce the risk of asthma, which is caused by the flavonoid content which is also not small in apples, especially green apples. Apart from that, apples can also be trusted to reduce the risk of lung cancer for women.

2. Prevent blood clots

The perfect apple turns out to contain chemical compounds that can be trusted to prevent the formation of blood clots. Various findings from experts also stated that these foods can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Drinking apple juice can make the body look fresher and keep the body’s metabolic system healthy.

3. Improve bone health

Apples that contain lots of good nutrients such as Vitamin K, Potassium and Calcium can improve bone performance to maintain health so that the possibility of bone diseases such as Osteoporosis is very small. Especially for women eating apples the benefits are superior in maintaining breast health. In addition to the healing process, apples are also very suitable for children to grow their bones.

4. Maintaining skin health and Early Aging

The part of our body that functions to protect the body from various external factors is the skin. Apples have good nutritional content so that if you consume apples routinely can maintain healthy skin and rejuvenate your skin to keep it looking fresh and radiant. Not only for body skin, this apple is good for facials as well. Not infrequently from people who have used this beneficial fruit as a medium for removing acne.

5. Help prevent dangerous diseases and healing

Vitamins in apples can prevent us from avoiding various kinds of diseases which are very common in most people. For example Diabetes, Teeth, Heart, Lungs, Rheumatism, Cancer, Liver, reduce cholesterol, blood sugar levels, improve the performance of the small intestine, prevent senility, prevent anemia, treat asthma and much more. Interesting right? There are many others.

The description above is the benefit of eating apples regularly with portions that suit your needs. Hopefully you can get the full benefits of this fruit. Good tips and advice is when eating apples to eat together with the skin, as we know most people tend to peel apples, but in fact the most nutritious nutrition is in the skin. That is all information that can be shared, hopefully it will always be useful!