5 ways to choose good sticky rice flour to make food

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  • Feb 20, 2020

Racikanbumbu.Com – For mothers or chefs who have often made various types of cakes such as klepon, wingko, gambier, sticky rice cakes, onde onde, rounds, candil porridge and many more, must be familiar with the basic ingredients of making them. Is that? Yeah, glutinous rice flour. What do you know about this type of flour?

Glutinous rice flour is flour made from white glutinous rice or black glutinous rice which is crushed or ground until smooth. Unlike the types of rice flour and tapioca flour, this flour is thicker when dissolved because it contains a lot of sticky starch. To be able to make a variety of tasty snacks or cakes, usually people will choose the type of white glutinous rice flour.

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Generally, before it is processed or cooked, you must know which is good and high quality glutinous rice flour. Why? Just like rice flour, these foods are also susceptible to musty and lice odors. Therefore you must be more careful in choosing good sticky rice to be processed for the health of your family. How do you distinguish good sticky rice flour from non-sticky rice? Do not worry the description below has provided the answer. Let’s look at it.

How to Choose Good Sticky Rice for Making Food

  1. First, Choose Glutinous Rice Flour which has a white color. Generally glutinous rice flour that has a white color, tends to be a scented flour, because the sticky rice is original and does not contain any mixture. Quality glutinous rice flour is one that has a normal taste in the sense of not being salty or sweet.
  2. Second, pay attention to the material on each grain. Good sticky rice flour is characterized by whole grains and tends not to be brittle. But for glutinous rice flour which is not good generally tends to have a lot of fractures on each grain.
  3. Third, Does not smell musty and no foreign matter. Usually glutinous rice flour that is not good is the presence of foreign objects such as stones, rice lice or other impurities.
  4. Fourth, Pandanus has a slightly pungent aroma. Not much is known that glutinous rice flour has a aroma similar to pandanus. The aroma will be felt when you smell it in close proximity, even when it is washed even the pandanus aroma is still attached to the glutinous rice flour.
  5. Fifth, it does not have a dull texture. For color problems, this flour has a very white and concentrated color. So that the texture of glutinous rice flour will not even appear dull because it is caused by the yellow color of the glutinous rice.

The description above is a number of ways to be able to choose a good type of glutinous rice as an ingredient in making your food, for the sake of health together, you must be more careful when going to shop or buy something including the types of flour. Before buying, it’s a good idea to look for references to information about the characteristics of good quality flour. This provision also applies to all types of flour including wheat flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, cornstarch and many more.

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Thus, you will not worry. Pay close attention to the quality of food ingredients including glutinous rice flour that you will buy, your food will be healthy for consumption by all. You will not be easily fooled by bad traders who only want profit alone without regard to the quality of sales. Hopefully with this article can help maintain your vigilance. May be useful.

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