6 Tips for a Child Born White and Clean without Fat

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  • Mar 15, 2020
Racikanbumbu.Com – Who would not want a handsome son aka born with a white and clean condition? This is every parent’s dream, especially a mother. Even though their father or mother does not have white skin, but at least they definitely really want their offspring to be as white as Korean people or ranks of famous people who are beautiful or handsome.

Newborn baby

Are you including such parents? Well, most people have similar feelings. However, many think too, if the child will not be far from his parents or in other words they believe the adage that says “fruit does not fall far from the tree.” This language fairy is correct. However, do you know the habits and food consumed by pregnant women can affect the color of the skin when the baby is born?

According to some experience this has been proven. Although actually not justified on a medical basis. So, for those of you parents who want to have children with clean, white and cute skin, start eating some foods that are believed to be able to beautify your baby’s skin later on.

It doesn’t hurt to try, right? This healthy food is not only important for the baby in your womb but is also beneficial for the health of the mother. Thus there is nothing to be afraid of because there are no harmful substances or substances. Well, what is the food menu that you can make healthy food for your child to be born healthy?

Of course, with the aim that your child is born with clean and white conditions? Here it is, at least there are some that you should try, there is also additional information that can further enrich you with knowledge about the health of pregnant women and the baby. Without further ado. Let’s look together the description below.

6 Tips for a Child Born White and Clean without Fat

1. Almonds

Usually you will find this type of food in chocolate mixed ingredients. Besides being famous for its delicious taste, almond is a very good food consumed by mothers who are pregnant or even breastfeeding. In addition to maintaining fetal health, these foods are believed to be able to brighten the baby’s skin.

2. Egg White

Benefits and efficacy Egg whites are well known for being able to treat facial skin firmness, but do you know that this one food ingredient can also whiten even for the baby you are carrying. For parents who want their baby to be born clean then, try to eat the egg whites.

3. Orange

This orange fruit is famous for its rich vitamin C which not only can help in maintaining and increasing endurance and metabolism in the body, but can also help brighten the baby’s skin. Vitamin C which is believed to be very good for skin health is the easiest to get in orange fruit.

4. Coconut

Coconut water is actually not only recommended during the pregnancy period, but also useful for nursing mothers. The antioxidant content in it is able to avoid dehydration when the mother is breastfeeding. Diligently consuming it will also make baby’s skin cleaner and healthier. After that, coconut water can also be found easily.

5. Bengkoang

The benefits of yam can be felt by consuming it diligently at least every day or even once every two days together with a variety of other healthy foods. You can also make this fruit menu a nutritious menu to brighten baby’s skin until the baby will look whiter and cleaner. These properties you must have often heard and seen, not infrequently a variety of beauty tools choose yam as the main ingredient.

6. Mung Beans

Foods that contain lots of folic acid and protein are green beans. This content is very good for health and also good for brightening baby’s skin and clean during the birth process. In addition, these foodstuffs can be processed into a variety of varied processed foods, so that pregnant women will not feel bad if the presentation is different every day.

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The description above are some examples of types of foods that are highly recommended for consumption by a pregnant mother. Undoubtedly from this food is believed to make your fetus healthy in the womb and born white and clean. Consuming it regularly also has good properties for health. Thus your child will also avoid the risk of various kinds of allergies to the skin. Hopefully this information can be useful and thank you.

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