9 Ways to Choose Good Chicken Eggs and Ducks to Hatch

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  • Mar 16, 2020

Racikanbumbu.Com – Chicken or duck breeders are certainly used to choosing which chicken and duck eggs are ready to be hatched. It looks ordinary and easy, but actually the selection of good or good eggs is one process that requires accuracy before finally starting to hatch eggs in an egg incubator. The eggs to be hatched must have characteristics and criteria of eggs that are good in terms of shape, genetically and physiologically. In general, the conditions for selecting good hatching eggs in poultry such as chickens, ducks and ducks are the same color and size.

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Another thing to note is that eggs must be fertile and fertile derived from eggs fertilized by sperm. Because eggs from broodstock that are not married to males are certainly not fertile eggs. However, it is important to know many factors that can cause infertility of eggs, for example due to young males so that the quality of sperm produced is not good. So, to choose eggs that are suitable for hatching is to make sure in advance that the eggs come from a parent that has been mated with chickens or male ducks with adequate nutrition and nutrition.

Previously try for eggs that you want to hatch or maintain will not be eggs that have been stored for a long time. But keep the eggs in a place with good temperature and avoid direct sunlight, then washed with disinfectant. After that the eggs can be hatched generally in the hatching machine at ambient temperatures at 38 -39 degrees Celsius. Then how specifically can we choose a good egg to hatch immediately? The description below will mention its characteristics.

How to Choose the Right Chicken and Duck Eggs to Hatch:

  1. The age of the female parent and male is not more than a period of 12 months
  2. The parent ratio of females and males is 1: 8 no more than that.
  3. Does not have a foul odor and immediately separated with improper eggs.
  4. Does not have defects in eggs such as cracks on the surface of the egg, not rough, the shell is not soft, there is no thickening of the skin on a part or also the double egg yolk.
  5. Weighing the norm. For native chicken eggs, they can weigh around 40 -45 grams in each grain
  6. The condition of the skin is clean from dirt
  7. The hull is clearly visible on the blunt and does not move. You can see it using an egg scope tool.
  8. The shape of the egg is normal, does not deviate and has a ratio between the length and width is 2: 3 with an oval shape.
  9. The age of the egg is not more than 5 (five) days and the storage method is correct.

Here are reviews about how to choose chicken or duck eggs, ducks, superior quails to be hatched. Be sure to be more careful because sometimes one or two features that show poor egg quality are not always visible. By paying attention to some of these tips, you are of course more enriched in knowledge to avoid the failure of eggs that you want to hatch.

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Of course you also have to be prepared to face the risks that might occur if the hatching does not go smoothly. However, do not worry by paying attention to some of these tricks just be sure you will succeed, then you just think about care after hatching and care. Good luck and good luck.