An explanation about the complete Ramadan Fasting that You Must Know

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  • Mar 06, 2020
Racikanbumbu.Com – Ramadhan is a month awaited by Muslims because it is full of blessings and blessings in it. An explanation of the complete fasting of Ramadan that must be known indeed later became the most sought-after keyword by all circles. There are those who analogize that, Ramadan is a special guest who will come to your house. If you feel that a special and valuable guest you should welcome well and special too.

Explanation of Fasting

But on the contrary, if you feel that the guest is ordinary and it’s time to come every year then you will feel normal. Such is the case of the difference in Ramadan for the two views of people who accept and see it. However, that is not the main focus that will be discussed in this article, but what are the explanations about the complete fasting of Ramadan that must be known.

What is Ramadan?

Before discussing the others, it would be better if you understand the true meaning of the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the order of all the months that are in the sight of Allah. If interpreted in the meaning of Islam, the month of Ramadan becomes the month where Allah begins to send the Prophets and also their messengers.

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In the month of Ramadan called the glorious month, God makes someone who performs worship in that special month. The worship in question is fasting, where every Muslim withholds lust, hunger, thirst, emotions, and so on from the time of Ruling to sunset or a day.

Privileges of the Month of Ramadan Only in the Month of Ramadan

Where will be redeemed the reward to be obtained and also eliminated sins for the coming month of Ramadan. Starting from the first day of entering the month of Ramadan, there are already many virtues in it. An explanation of the complete fasting of Ramadan that must be known also stated that, God will make a solution for sinners and wrongdoers this month. On the contrary, those who practice worship will be shown heaven and raised in a high degree in variety.

Explanation of Complete Ramadan Fasting You Must Know

Apart from this, you should also prepare other preparations and prepare them well. Starting from understanding worship that can be done or other compiled plans. For more details, it would be better if you understand some of the explanations regarding the explanation of the complete fasting of Ramadan that must be known below.

1. The month of Ramadan has a great position in the eyes of the Muslims who even some others are admired by other religions.

2. Ramadhan is the most anticipated month among the 12 other months.

3. Ramadan makes people enthusiastic in doing good and will make their hearts feel happy.

4. All acts of worship will be multiplied, which Allah has never given multiples of.

5. All devils will be bound and locked up during this graceful Ramadan.

6. There is a lot of help and miracles that are not unexpected at this month of Ramadan.

7. It will be easy for you to see the unity of Muslims this month, as you will find it easier to find forums or Islamic studies that are held.

8. Mosques will be filled with positive associations and also more congregational prayers than the previous months.

9. A sense of enthusiasm of Muslims who will celebrate the Eid al-Fitr after carrying out fasting for 30 days.

10. For an explanation of the complete fasting of Ramadan that must be known to last is where the days in the month of Ramadan feels more alive. The mosque also feels more alive, because there are so many people who do the prayers and prayers this month.

For those of you who don’t know what Ramadan fasting is, the above review can help you. Those are some of the explanations about fasting that must be known complete fasting that has been presented specifically for you.

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