How to choose good and quality Rice Flour

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  • Feb 19, 2020
Racikanbumbu.Com – Rice Flour is one food that has been widely used to be processed into a variety of delicious foods both salty and sweet dishes. This rice flour is a type of rice flour which is made by pounding or grinding. Rice flour is different from rice starch which was originally made by soaking rice in an alkaline solution.

Often people store rice flour as supplies to make cakes, bread, Nagasari, peanut brittle, pancake, putu cake or even candy. How many of you store flour in your kitchen? No matter how much you need rice flour for your needs, it is good to choose a good type of rice flour and quality.

Do you know? Mistakes in choosing rice flour can result in the taste of the cake itself. You certainly do not want to not buy flour at a certain price then after cooking it also takes a long time, but the results are not as good as you expect. Also Read: The latest 34 Layer Cake and Brownies Recipes

It turns out that apart from the manufacturing process, the type of material is very influential for food yield. Therefore, it is very important for you to pay attention to the description below which will discuss “How to choose the right type of rice flour and not disappoint?” The following is a full review.

How to Choose good and quality Rice Flour

Note the characteristics of good rice flour as follows:

  1. Good rice flour is generally yellowish white or white, and good flour is certainly not lumpy, does not have lice, and does not smell musty.
  2. The texture of rice flour is smooth and sticks to your hand. If the flour feels rough, try to see if the rice flour contains gravel or if there is a lump in the flour. If there is a lump, this means that the characteristics of flour that has long. Meanwhile, if the flour sticks to the hand when in handheld, it indicates that the flour is really dry and can be consumed.
  3. Pay attention to the packaging way, make sure it is still tightly sealed, if there are a few holes, make sure the hole is indeed an air hole made from the factory. If there are characteristics of rice flour that is not tightly closed or often aired, it will show a type of caterpillar growing on flour. You should be careful to buy flour that is really clean, sterile, and also maintained with good quality.
  4. Before using the rice flour, it is best to be sifted or filtered first so that no dirt, fleas or insects are mixed in the flour. However, a quality rice flour product will certainly guarantee that there is no or free of these things.
  5. Make sure you buy at a trusted store or place with good popularity in the eyes of the public.

This is the hallmark of good rice flour and can be processed or consumed in a healthy manner. Not only rice flour, you also have to start paying attention to all your food choices. Like rice flour, other types of flour are also likely to be misused by irresponsible people.

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Such as glutinous rice flour, flour, sago flour, tapioca flour, Maizena Flour and many more. It’s good if you really like making cakes and various other foods, at least you should start to recognize the characteristics of flour and their respective types. Hopefully this information can be useful and helpful.