How to choose good quality rice

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  • Mar 11, 2020
Racikanbumbu.Com – How to choose good quality rice should be understood by a housewife, because this is very important because rice is the staple food that everyone needs. Good quality rice will produce rice that has a good taste, fluffier and not easy to stale. Rice with good quality also has a lot of nutritional content and does not contain harmful substances.

Lately, there is a lot of circulation of rice containing bleach on the market. This has made many parties, especially housewives, feel uneasy about the incident. Rice containing bleach is certainly not very good for consumption because it can endanger health, especially since rice is a food that is consumed regularly every day.

Therefore it is very important to know how to choose good quality rice that is sold in the market so that you are not mistaken about buying rice that contains harmful substances such as bleach and fragrances, which are currently used a lot by fraudulent rice traders. The following is information about ways to choose good quality rice.

Pay Attention to the Appearance of Rice You Will Buy

The first thing you should consider about how to choose good quality rice is to pay attention to the appearance of the rice you will buy. There are two things that determine the quality of rice is good or bad, namely the quality of rice and the quality of milling. Therefore quality rice usually has a clean appearance, free from dirt such as lice, stones, grain skin or other impurities.

Also, pay close attention to the grains of rice, if there are many strokes and leave scars like flour when squeezed, it means it has been stored for a long time. Usually good quality rice has a hard grain texture and is not brittle when kneaded. Therefore an easy way to determine the quality of rice is to squeeze it when going to buy.

Beware of Rice Sellers at Low Prices

At present there are many irresponsible rice traders. Many of them do all kinds of sneaky ways to get big profits, including by cheating consumers. one way is to sell rejected rice, or rice that has been stored for a long time but has previously been soaked using chlorine to whiten rice so that it looks like new rice.

Usually the rice is sold at a price below the market because the old rice is no longer sold, so the rice is transformed into as new and resold at a low price so that the trader can benefit, even though the rice is not suitable for consumption because the quality is not good.

Smell the Aroma of Rice Before You Buy

How to choose good quality rice next is to smell it. Natural rice that has good quality has a distinctive aroma of rice with a little mixture of fragrant aroma of pandanus. Although there is indeed a type of rice that has a fragrance, however, you must be careful with rice that smells too strong because it can be added to a fragrance that is harmful to your body’s health.

In addition you should also be aware of rice that has a musty or rancid aroma. Usually rice that has a musty and rancid aroma is rice that has been aged for a long time or has been stored too long so that the quality is no longer good.

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Those were some quick tips on how to choose rice, so you can avoid the mistake of buying poor quality rice, then you must understand how to choose good quality rice.

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