Mango types and their pictures and characteristics

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  • Mar 01, 2020

Racikanbumbu.Com – One of the superior plants that have nutritious fruit for health is the Mango Fruit Plant. This plant produces fruit that has a sweet taste and is most cultivated by fruit farmers in certain regions in Indonesia. When viewed from a tree that has a fairly large stature, this tree can also reach 40 meters high or even more. Mango tree trunks generally have an upright posture with rather strong branches, the leaves on each branch are classified as dense which form a beautiful dome, oval or elongated canopy with a diameter varying up to 10 meters. Characteristics of mango fruit plants are usually adapted to one type of mango plant, because the mango itself does not only have one type, but consists of several types.

Apart from the different variations of mango plants, of course the fruit produced is also different. According to some agricultural studies, mangoes are included in the type of stone fruit that has meat. The fruit is famous for its sweet taste and also has varying sizes and shapes depending on the variety of plants. The taste of sweet mango to sour depends on the parent with its water content. You can see in the picture each type of mango with different shapes and colors. Ripe or ripe mangoes are usually consumed in good and fresh conditions as a mixture of healthy food or drinks such as a mixture of fruit ice, mango juice, sweets, canned dried fruit slices and many more.

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Well, because of the rapid development of technology in agriculture. Thus, many new varieties were born as superior mangoes ranging from local mangoes to imported mango varieties which are also cultivated in Indonesia. Interested in growing fruit on this one? It would be nice for us to get acquainted with the kinds of mangoes based on their characteristics, to better understand their physical exposure, then this discussion also comes with unique and interesting images. Without wasting time, let’s just look at the discussion below.

Types of Mango Fruit along with their pictures and characteristics

1. Manalagi Mango

This mango fruit is developed in the city of Situbondo, East Java. This mango is famous because it has a very sweet and delicious taste. It is common information that Manalagi mango has a delicious taste. Most people also begin to think that this fruit is a combination of mango golek and mango arumanis. Well, to distinguish it from other mangoes these characteristics:

  • Medium size but smaller than a mango golek.
  • The skin of the young fruit is green, and when it is ripe it is also still green but rather grayish.
  • There are numerous white spots on the fruit’s body.
  • Fruit flesh is solid and fibrous.
  • Fruit skin is thick and waxy.
  • It’s very sweet and addictive.

2. Mango Yu Wen

Yu Wen Mango Fruit, is a new variety that is much favored by fruit lovers. As the name implies, this fruit originates from the State of Taiwan. Aside from the attractive physical appearance of this fruit save extraordinary delicacy behind the flesh of the fruit. Even the level of sweetness can reach the level of level 15 brick. If you want to recognize the characteristics – the characteristics are as follows:

  • Has an eccentric skin color that is bright red.
  • Mango flesh is relatively thick.
  • Fruit texture is soft and without fiber.
  • Inside there are super thin seeds.

3. Mango Harumanis

This mango is a very popular one in the country. Perhaps of the many types of mangoes, harumanis mangoes are the most frequently mentioned. Community demand for mangoes has also never declined. For those of you who do not recognize the characteristics, the following description:

  • Famous for its sweet taste.
  • The aroma is fragrant when in a mature or ripe condition.
  • The shape of the fruit is oval with a slight beak with a pointed tip.
  • One mango can weigh up to 500 grams.
  • The rind has a dark green color with a waxy coating which makes the color a little gray.
  • There are whitish-green spots all over the surface of the skin.
  • Thick flesh, not fibrous.

4. Mango Chokanan

Mango originating from Thailand is the Chokanan mango. This type of fruit is everyone’s favorite fruit that turns out to be consumed when fully ripe and when still young, this is what distinguishes it from other types of mangoes. Chokanan Mango has another name namely honey mango. For the Characteristics are:

  • Has a very sweet taste of fruit flesh.
  • Contains a little fiber and water.
  • The fruit is green when young and slightly sour and changes color to bright yellow when ripe with a very sweet taste.
  • This one fruit can reach 350-450 grams

5. Mahatir Mango

The mango which is famous for its jumbo size is the Mahatir Mango. This mango comes from Kinabalu, Malaysia. The advantage is that it is bigger than the other types of mangoes. We are very easy to recognize this one fruit because in addition to large they have a uniform shape for each fruit. Physical characteristics are as follows:

  • One Mahatir mango weighs 2.5 to 3 kg.
  • Has a bird-like shape and is uniform for all fruits of this type.
  • Has a sweet and delicious taste.
  • The fruit is without fiber.

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This is a type of popular mangoes that exist throughout the world, especially in the State of Indonesia. Mango with this type is very suitable because it is a superior fruit that is suitable to be cultivated or planted in our country. Hopefully this information can be useful for us all and give a clear picture as a way of selecting seeds that are suitable for cultivation in certain areas. This information is also suitable for you who just want to know the information as a fan of mangoes. That is all and thank you.

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