The content of Durian Fruit for Cholesterol and Pregnant Women

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  • Feb 21, 2020
Racikanbumbu.Com – Durian, a fruit that is famous for its pungent odor with its characteristics such as thorns on its fruit body, and its delicious taste is addictive makes most people can not forget the fruit on this one. Some even make it the most favorite fruit. Do you like this one? But many rumors circulate that durian fruit is not good for health and even tends to cause cholesterol to go up especially not suitable for consumption by pregnant women. Is that right?

In fact, in fact according to some experts who say that durian fruit does not have the content of cholesterol in the flesh, or in other words non cholesterol. On the contrary the fruit of this one can help in reducing levels of several types of fat in our body as well as triglycerides and also bad cholesterol in our body. So we can conclude that the assumption that says eating durian can make cholesterol rise, this is not true.

Do you know? The content of vitamins in thorny fruit has many benefits and benefits that are good for the body, especially for pregnant women, but it is also good for the health of children, teenagers and even adults. Of course we can feel the usefulness when consuming it as needed only in normal consumption levels. Do you want to know what ingredients are in durian that are useful for our personal consumption or for others? For more information, you can see the information below.

The content of Durian Fruit for Cholesterol and Pregnant Women

1. Antioxidant content

Durian fruit has a fairly high antioxidant content. This substance is able to protect our body from the dangers of free radicals that can cause various diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Free radicals themselves are molecules that appear in a person’s body as a reaction from metabolic waste that can increase if you smoke or are exposed to radiation.

2. Fiber

The next benefit is the durian fiber content. The fiber itself found in fruits, vegetables and seeds has proven to be very beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels which are good for blood circulation and good for heart health. The fiber in durian is also suitable for consumption by pregnant women who need adequate fiber intake.

3. Potassium

The goodness of the next durian is Potassium. What do you know about the durian content on this one? Yuup, potassium is able to provide a variety of goodness to the human body that is at least 436 milligrams of potassium where every 1 potassium can help maintain healthy bones, nerves, muscles, blood vessels and also reduce high blood pressure.

4. High in Carbohydrates

For people who do not have problems with blood sugar disease, it is very beneficial because it contains high carbohydrates in durian fruit. Do you know? In one durian fruit there are at least about 150 calories which in this amount is enough to be one source of food to add to the energy that can be filling. This content is suitable for mothers who are pregnant as snacks with normal or sufficient consumption levels.

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The description above is some of the contents of durian fruit which can actually bring many benefits to us all if consumed properly, the right amount, and meets the consumption criteria. Besides being able to eat it directly, durian fruit can also be used as a material for making delicious food such as durian juice, cakes, or other flavoring ingredients. So much information that can be conveyed, hopefully useful and thank you.

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