Recipe: Appetizing Chicken Alfredo Dumplings

Chicken Alfredo Dumplings. How do you make chicken & dumplings in a slow cooker? This recipe is broken down into two parts: cooking chicken and cooking biscuits. Homemade chicken and dumplings from scratch harken back to my childhood and chilly days Drop dumplings on top of simmering soup, a few at a time.

Chicken Alfredo pasta was my favorite "fancy" restaurant order as a kid — luxe sauce clinging to fettuccine topped with crispy chicken. It was about as close to macaroni and cheese and chicken. All Reviews for Chicken Alfredo with Fettuccini Noodles. You can cook Chicken Alfredo Dumplings using 6 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chicken Alfredo Dumplings

  1. Prepare of Alfredo sauce.
  2. Prepare of chicken breasts.
  3. You need of biscuits.
  4. You need of parmesan cheese.
  5. It’s of garlic powder.
  6. Prepare of Italian seasoning.

It tasted JUST like the Crab Alfredo from Red Lobster only with chicken. Maybe next time I'll try it with crab meat. Chicken & Dumpling Casserole Recipe without biscuits- use rotisserie chicken for a simple weeknight meal. Can also use leftover holiday turkey.

Chicken Alfredo Dumplings instructions

  1. Mix Alfredo sauce with cheese, garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Set aside..
  2. Boil and shred chicken. Add chicken to Alfredo sauce..
  3. Open can of biscuits and cut each into four pieces. Roll dough into balls and place into lightly greased glass cook ware (or a pan)..
  4. .
  5. Pour mixture over dough balls. Sprinkle extra cheese on top..
  6. .
  7. Place in heated oven 350* and bake for 1 hour..
  8. If making a larger meal, cook for 1 1/2 hours for all of the dough to cook..

Guaranteed to have your kids asking for seconds! Slow cooker chicken and dumplings is a favorite in my house. It's easy to throw the ingredients in your slow cooker and when you come back you'll have a big bowl of comfort food ready for you. Low carb Southern chicken and dumplings recipe is full of old fashioned flavor! This dish has everything about traditional chicken and dumplings that you like and leaves out the pesky carbs.

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